Episode 266 - Agency in the cloud

Lee Jackson

What's inside?

In 2012 my agency used multiple providers on multiple platforms. We’d created a support nightmare for ourselves and we knew we needed to change how we delivered our services. This podcast unpacks our journey into the cloud and the lessons learned along the way.

We unpack:

  • Our agency in 2012
  • Where we are now in 2020
  • What we realised we needed
  • Our takeaways from the process

The key takeaways:

  • Standardise
    • Processes
    • Interfaces
    • Tools
  • Automate
    • Stacks
    • Setups
    • Deployment
    • Tracking
    • Backups
  • Scalability
  • Business continuity
    • Backups
    • Quick restore
    • Server independent
  • Document
    • Processes
    • Setup
    • Support
    • Configuration

This episode was based on the following presentation we gave at Agency Transformation Live 2020. Click here to review.

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One reason we can bring all this awesome content is because of Cloudways sponsorship. They believe in providing education and helping agencies deliver quality services without the stress. We use them for both our agency businesses.

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