Are you wasting time on social media?

Episode 289 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

October 22, 2020

Are you wasting time on social media?

Over the last five years we’ve grown a huge content library and spend countless hours writing, recording and showing up online. When it came to growing the team to help us support all that we do we suddenly realised that we had no measurement for success. How could we employ somebody when we’d have no way of measuring their effectiveness.

We realised we’d been egaging in social media activites for years with no specific outcomes in mind, no measurables and most importantly, no carefully defined why!

I share with you the five key outcomes we want from our social media activity and why.

Audience growth

“For us, audience growth will allow us a wider audience will allow us to help more people will allow us to pursue our mission and will improve our overall credibility in the industry. Our mission is to help agency owners build a business that they love through education based on real world experience from people who run agencies right now.”

Lead generation

“Leads are qualified people that we know we can help. We know we can support them with quick wins and increase the likelihood that these people will convert into customers. Growing our leads means we are growing a pool of people that we can help further. These are people who are prequalified, who are ready to take the next step in their business. The more people we can reach on a global level will in turn impact the leads that we generate.”

Sales conversions

“Sales are the lifeblood of any business. We know those investing in themselves are taking that next step in improving their business. That, in turn, means we are achieving our mission to help those agency owners make real change in their business. That’s real achievable change to help agency owners fall in love with their business.”


“That’s conversation across all of our social platforms, likes, dislikes, shares, you name it. We are looking for engagement. Engagement allows us to help many people, but also allows us to learn from them. Engagement has been invaluable in helping us understand the heartbeat of the industry and understand what is important to our target audience.”

Brand awareness

“We do want Agency Trailblazer to be a brand and a name that people in our industry talk about, that people recognize that people engage with. We want to be seen as the “go to community”, the “go to resource” for agency owners that want to make real achievable change within their business.”

Further resources

I went live via Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter to share these core outcomes. Here’s the replay:

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