How to establish your brand message

Episode 227 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

August 14, 2019

What is your brand voice and message? If you don’t know then neither to your potential clients. What helps you stand out from a crowded market place is a clear message that engages your ideal client.

Your messaging needs to appeal, have a hook and promote a response.

In this episode is share the main ingredients for developing your brand voice, and understanding what you should be talking about.

Who are you talking to

Note down the types of people you interact with.


  • Job titles
  • Age ranges
  • Circumstances
  • Industry

Here is a helpful customer avatar template from Digital Marketer.

What is your brand voice?

Consider how you talk with your ideal client, what are those conversations like?

  • How do you naturally converse
  • What sort of style will they respond to
  • Practice writing in that voice

What are you talking about?

Brainstorm the following to help you create content for your site, marketing material and your conversations:

  • What are the problems they need solving
  • What do you do to solve those problems
  • What examples do you have of projects that have been similar to their problem

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