How to exceed expectations

Episode 224 - Featuring Jordan Johnson

July 24, 2019

Your agency need not be a cookie cutter clone of what others think an agency should be. You can truly create something unique that will serve your target market and your own plans too. Today we meet Jordan Johnson who changed his entire business model to focus on unlimited WordPress support for agency owners through the brand RipplePop.

If like me you wince at the idea of “unlimited”, Jordan shares some valuable lessons in expectation setting.

“So it’s all a matter of, setting expectations. That’s something that always comes into play with a business where if your customer’s expectations are different than what your service provides, there’s gonna be some rough water.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Setting your own expectations are just as important as setting the clients.
  • It’s results your clients are paying for opposed to the amount of hours that it takes to complete something.

Connect with Jordan:

Website – click here
Facebook – click here
Twitter – click here

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