Managing client expectations

Episode 287 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

October 7, 2020

Managing client expectations

So often our clients expect the world from us. Over time a line can be crossed and you find yourself at the beck and call providing help and support for things that are far outside your remit. What’s worse is you may even be doing this free of charge in order to keep your client happy.

This happens when we do not manage our clients expectations, and we allow them to make assumptions as to what they can expect from us. Today I will share with you four ways that we help establish and manage our clients so they understand clearly what we can and cannot do for them.

  • List out key services in our initial proposal
  • Ensure out of scope areas are discussed during discovery
  • For extra services be strict on ensuring they are a “change control”
  • Filter communications through a central form or support desk

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