How to set boundaries (and why it is important)

Episode 291 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

November 4, 2020

How to set boundaries (and why it is important)

Have you found yourself responding to emails late at night before bed? Do clients email you at the weekend expecting results first thing Monday?If these or similar scenarios ring true, then you have a boundary issue that could be affecting your health, your business, and your family life.

This week I share the framework I use to establish healthy boundaries:

  • Review my day/week by taking a snapshot of my daily tasks
  • List out all my activities, making sure to highlight my regular activities
  • Filter out non-essential activities that are wasting time
  • Lay it out on a calendar to help visualise those new boundaries
  • Practice and evolve to maintain a better work/life balance
  • Communicate those expectations to everyone involved


This episode was inspired by this live where Lee openly discussed boundaries with the Agency Trailblazer community.

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