How to start a podcast – Planning

Episode 310 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

March 24, 2021

This is part of our How to start a podcast series. Click here to see all other episodes.

How to start a podcast - Planning

Over the next few episodes, I will be breaking down how to plan, launch and grow a podcast in your industry niche. Each episode will come with a workbook to help take you through each step and by the end of the series you should be ready to go live with your first show. This series assumes you have already gone through the necessary journey of unpacking your why and defining your target audience. It also assumes you have some goals to achieve with your new podcast.

Don’t start a show without knowing your why, who and objectives. Episode 200 may be a good starting point if you struggle in that area. Check out the other podcasts in this series here.

Today we focus on planning:

  • Naming your show
  • Show format
  • Show schedule

Over the next few episodes we will also look at:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Hosting
  • Submissions
  • Launching
  • Promoting
  • Monetising

Note: Workbook is being finished off by the designers and will be available within a couple of days! I’m without a member of staff so be kind 😉

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