How to start a web design business

Episode 292 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

November 11, 2020

How to start a web design business

You might be doing it all wrong! Hear me out. Did your design hobby become a business because people started offering you money for your services? This is how many web design agencies were born, including my own and that is where the problem begins.

Most businesses launched from a hobby struggle with a lack of direction, they battle with cash flow, their founders may be exhausted and their team disillusioned.

There is a right way to launch a web design business and it’s not too late to make some real positive change even if your business is several years old.

In this episode I will share with you some essentials for starting right. Set up your web design business for success with firm a foundation and with a clear strategy

The startup checklist

  • Give your business a name
  • Establish your product / service offering
  • Create your customer avatars
  • Research your target market
    • What answers are they looking for
    • What are their key problems
    • Where do they show up
    • How do they acquire services
  • Decide on your marketing channels
  • Document the basics
    • Business plan
    • Marketing plan
    • Pricing model
    • Financial plan
  • Get to action
  • Test and iterate


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