Episode 260 - Ideas for pivoting your agency

Lee Jackson

What's inside?

No business has been untouched by the global pandemic of 2020. Some agency owners recognise a need in their business to pivot so they can add value to their customers, and weather these uncertain times. In this episode I will share a range of ideas to get you thinking on how you can pivot your offering.

We will cover:

  • When to pivot
    • Mission not aligned
    • Regular work drying up
    • Low conversion rates
  • How to pivot
    • Reviewing your mission
    • Affirming your avatar
    • Talking with your clients
    • Brainstorming options
    • Test assumptions
  • Brainstorm some options
    • Website as a service
    • Training
    • Courses
    • Consultancy

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, this episode is for you.

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