Keep Showing Up

Episode 77 - Featuring Chris Ducker

June 2, 2017

Keep Showing Up

Meet serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker. That’s right ladies and gents Chris Ducker. He is an astute businessman, blogger, podcaster, author and speaker…. I know a man of many talents 😉

I absolutely LOVED chatting with Chris as we ended up shooting the breeze both before and after the recording, and we bonded over Star Wars.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation.

Take aways:

Don’t let outside forces get in the way of your success and be the master of your domain.

Focus on your audience from the outset and remember its not about the volume its about the quality and value that you provide.

The Summit:

See you at the Youpreneur Summit

Connect with Chris:

Site: http://www.chrisducker.com/

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