Launching, niching and growing an agency

Episode 225 - Featuring Tim Brown

July 31, 2019

What your agency looks like today is likely nothing like you thought it would be. Equally you may be wondering how to start making necessary changes in your business to allow you to grow the team, or free up more of your time.

In today’s episode we learn how Tim launched his agency, how he grew the team, and where he found it best to focus on their strengths with the industry they served. Yet another episode where we can learn from the journeys of others who’ve demonstrated the power of process, niching and excellence.

About Tim

Tim is the owner of Hook Agency, an 8 person marketing agency out of Minneapolis – serving small businesses and construction companies. He’s gotten his company from 1 person to 8 in 2 years, and has been in marketing and website design for much longer.

They help small businesses, manufacturers, and construction companies get more traffic and leads with professional web design and greater visibility with content marketing + SEO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hire slow.
  • Recurring revenue is huge, powerful and allows you to hire.
  • You think you are so set working for somebody else, you think you are so safe but really you don’t see what’s going on in the background.
  • You get better from every bump in the road that you hit.
  • Each problem that you encounter is an opportunity, if you have the right attitude, it gives you the opportunity to increase your skills and get significantly better when you have problems in the future.
  • Every constraint is an opportunity, it forces you to become creative in the manner you resolve things.

Connect with Tim:

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