Planning for the worst

Episode 252 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

February 5, 2020

“Plan for the worst, hope for the best” is a phrase I’ve often heard from family members as we go through life. There is no better place to ensure you can push through the rough times than in your business. What would happen if your office burnt down? What would you do in the case of a business partner passing away?

Whilst we try not to think of the negatives in life, in order to protect ourselves, we could be simply burying the worry and anxiety rather than looking at it head on, and creating plans to cope with such circumstances.

In this episode I will introduce you to business continuity planning.

We will unpack:

  • Why you should be prepared
  • What to include
  • Documenting your plan
  • Services and tools
  • Testing your plan

Documenting your plan

Once you have listed your operational requirements, you need to prioritise and plan. Your planning document should contain at minimum:

  • List of action plans with fast access index
  • People
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Contact details
  • Break down of steps per action with owners
  • Relevant contact / access details per action
  • Full test schedule

Tip: Unlike huge corporations, make this a document you can fast access and index. Having a digital version that is searchable is a huge benefit.

Reality check

Most people don’t like thinking about these sorts of things. In fact I am sure folks on this call or the replay may be feeling uncomfortable or have decided this isn’t for them.
Let’s remind ourselves of a few things:

  • Business continuity protects our clients
  • It is an amazing sales tool
  • It shows we care for our clients and our teams
  • It greatly reduces stress during a difficult time

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