Valuing Time To Make Better Decisions

Jon Perez

What's inside?

We were honoured to have Jon Perez from Sure Fire Web Services on the podcast today. He was introduced to us by Kim Doyal the WP Chick, and we had a blast. Join Lee and Jon as they giggle through a 40 minute podcast, whilst value bombs drop left right and centre!


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Show Notes:

Having reviewed analytics, there appeared to be little to no traffic on the transcription pages, so we have placed a hold on these for now. If however you feel they enhance your experience with the podcast, please let us know on:

Jons Takeaways:

Value your time to help you make better decisions.

Action To Apply Today:

STOP…. take a break for an hour, look at your business as a whole.

Make note of:

_ why you are doing what

_ what you are doing

_ make note of things that work

_ make note of things that need to change

Note from Lee: This could all be focused on evaluating what you do in your business, what is a time drain, why are you doing it, do you have to do it, if you do is there a more efficient way to do it.

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