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Vito Peleg

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Communicating on any project can be hard work. Project management tools are designed to help teams communicate, yet can often be off-putting to your less tech minded clients. Your inbox may be full of emails and nested conversations. Your task lists may be full of poorly described issues.

Feeling it? We’ve certainly had this battle for many years. Given, we’ve grown better at supporting our clients in learning how to give more effective feedback but what if there was a way that we could make it a no brainer?

Well…. Vito burst into my life at Agency Transformation Live 2019 and he talked with me about the new product (WPFeedback) he was developing that would empower even the most non-tech clients to interact with us via WordPress directly in the areas they were talking about.

I went on to become a BETA tester and we’ve rolled out our very first site using WPFeedback just last week! It was such a great experience that I asked Vito to come on the show, to share his journey and talk about client communications.

This episode is the result! Enjoy!

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