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Daniel Daines-Hutt

What's inside?

They preach it from the roof tops: “Content is king”, and yet how do we create content that ACTUALLY generates leads? How can we make what we’ve already created work for our business?

Meet my long term Facebook mate Daniel Daines-Hutt. Here is his bio in his own words:

“I’m a marketing nerd I have a background in Direct Response (PPC), but ironically its my content marketing that people know me for Some social proof so you know i’m ‘legit’

  • Had the Top 10 content of all time on (Alongside Moz and Backlinko etc)
  • Top content of 2017 on GrowthHackers
  • Content shared or referenced by CEO of Microsoft, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Sujan Patel, Copyhackers, Sean Ellis, Glen Alsopp and more!
  • Got a new site to 50,000 visitors in 2 weeks with some viral content (Which lead to $3 Mill in client requests)”

Key takeaways

  • What can you work on today that will build up over time and benefit you in the future?
  • Focus on your long term goals.
  • Regular small actions towards a goal can produce big rewards.
  • Don’t always imitate what you see. It’s not always correct.
  • Content is not about quantity. Put out good quality content.
  • Consider how you can have a conversation with your reader within your content


  • ROI article about paid content promotion – click here
  • Guide on how to improve old content to make it more effective – click here
  • Guide to collecting more emails from content – click here

Connect with Daniel:

Website – click here
Facebook – click here
Twitter – click here



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