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Kim Barrett

What's inside?

As we develop our agencies, we tend to get busier and busier. Our list of products and services seems to ever expand. Everything we do seems super complicated and unique. We struggle to work out how to bring others in to help us and often we become the bottleneck of our own business.

Kim Barrett shares his story from “one man full service agency” to an agency that has successfully productised marketing services in a way that allows them to scale.

Key Takeaways:

  • Realised their mission was to help businesses focus on what they do best.
  • It became clear that engagement for a client does not pay the bills.
  • As Kim focused on particular products only, he referred other projects out to other specialists so he could focus his team on what they do best.
  • When he came to the point that his social media deliverables and pricing needed to change, he shared with his existing customers why he wanted them to upgrade and what the new offering was. He offered to refer those on who did not want to stay.
  • Having focused on productised services at a higher price point, Kim was able to work with less people and add more value.
  • When increasing a monthly price, it all comes down to tying the outcome down to what the client wants. If they can see a tangible outcome that will help their business it’s really not that hard to charge more each month.
  • There’s more than enough business out there. If you are so worried about one person saying yes to a small retainer, there could a big opportunity around the corner that you are going to miss out on because you are so focused on this little one.
  • Help clients make quick wins so that they can justify spending money with you


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