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Once you know your ideal customer, developing a long term marketing strategy is essential. To avoid feast and famine there are a range of activities you should be planning and then engaging with to ensure a health attraction strategy for your business.

Sales strategies are effective when converting leads, and extreme sales techniques are often applied in times of low income in an agency life to help an agency survive. A long term marketing strategy however helps you build your brand, and ATTRACT targeted and warmed up leads to you on a regular basis.

In this episode we release the audio of a recent presentation I gave on one of our weekly calls for premium members.

In the call I share a range of achievable strategies that you can work into your weekly/monthly routine and build upon.


Purpose of this session

The aim of today’s session:

  • Raise your awareness of the importance of ongoing marketing
  • Focus you in on your target audience
  • Give you some example repeatable strategies you can tailor for your business

Your target audience

It is so important you know who you are talking to.

  • Who is your ideal client
  • What are their problems
  • What solutions do you offer
  • Where do they show up?

Marketing vs sales

Both look to serve the same end goal (connect with and convert people into paying customers). Yet there are some differences.


    • Time sensitive
    • Conversion focused
    • One to one
    • Direct relationship building
    • Push


    • Long term
    • Building awareness
    • One to many
    • Is more abstract
    • Pull

You need a marketing strategy

In order to create the conversations you need to have to build up relationships and to convert leads into sales, you need to invest in your marketing.

  • Ensures to build your audience
  • Attracts the right sort of clients to your agency
  • Gives you a constant supply of new potential relationships
  • Builds your brand authority

Strategy one: Content

Content is still king. But remember you need to show up in ways your target audience can consume and engage in.

  • Create regular content for your target audience
  • Repurpose the content for maximum reach

Strategy two: Social engagement

Sharing value on social media is a great way to build awareness but ensure you are socially engaging also.

  • Share thoughts regularly
  • Comment on other people’s content
  • Share other people’s content
  • Join a “twitter chat” hour

Strategy three: Paid digital advertising

Regardless of if we have tonnes of content and a huge audience, we still need to attract new folks and build on it.

  • Where can you meet your target audience
  • What value can you offer them
  • Invest in some paid advertisements
    • (Facebook/PPC and so on)
    • Test your messaging
    • Use the data

Strategy four: Print advertising

There is still life in print and depending on where your target audience consume content there may be industry magazines and other publications that you would benefit from exposure in.

  • Local industry rags
  • Local business magazines
  • Print mail campaign

Strategy five: Influencer collaboration

Are there influencers you can partner with who will be able to create content, or represent your brand?

  • Collaborate with influencers (Paid/Affiliate)
  • Create content with influencers
  • Paid influencer posts
  • Become the influencer

Be sure to measure the results. What was quality of traffic driven. What do the conversion metrics look like?

Strategy six: Networking

Referral marketing is actually a thing. Your existing clients are a great source of referrals but so are people on the networking scene that you build up relationships with.

  • Attend a regular meeting
  • Educate them on
    • What you do
    • Who you do it for
    • Who you want introductions to
    • What are the pain points of your ideal clients

Any questions?

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