Speaker Profile: Attracting Clients

Episode 204 / 1st April 2019 / Martin Huntbach

#204 - Speaker Profile Attracting Clients - Martin Huntbach

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Meet Martin Huntbach:

Martin is the co-founder of Jammy Digital, a WordPress web design agency in the UK. Martin, along with his wife Lyndsay help personal brands & small business owners to make their mark online. As well as building websites for some of the UK’s biggest names in the marketing space, Martin also runs a membership where he teaches people how to build their own highly successful website.

Agency Transformation Live:

You will find Martin up on that stage at Agency Transformation Live on Day One of the event.

Session Topic:

How to Attract Better Clients Using Content


When you run an agency, you run the risk of attracting the WRONG clients. Clients that suck the life out of you and make you want to punch your computer repeatedly. That’s why he’ll be teaching you how to side-step the bad apples so you can attract only the best customers.

Listen to his previous episode:

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Live event!

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