Stop redesigning your agency website

Lee Jackson

What's inside?

Many agencies go through multiple itterations of their website, never quite happy with what they have produced. We know this because we are guilty of this, and a huge percentage of our community are forever apologising for their own websites.

Are you happy with your agency website? Have you gone through multiple versions and are STILL not happy? Today I share reasons why you probably are not happy with what you’ve produced.

The problem

Agency owners are not seeing conversions on their website.
They think the solution is another redesign

What feeds this?

  • Don’t know what to write about
  • Are not sure what services to present and how
  • Are never happy with the look and feel
  • Think they have something to prove

What is the root cause?

  • Lack of identity
  • Imposter syndrome

What can you do next?

  • Focus on your identity
  • Create your client avatars
  • Refine your messaging


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