The anatomy of a funnel

Matt Davies

What's inside?

Funnels are so often abused, yet if done right, they can help us to develop lasting business relationships. In this episode Matt deep dives into the anatomy of a funnel and what the essential ingredients are. I have so often shared my own frustration with funnels that go in for the sell and can feel manipulative. (Check out one of my recent rants on YouTube). Based on this, I give Matt a hard time asking him to help me understand how funnels can be of benefit, and how they can help both the prospect and our own business.

Boy does Matt deliver! He show’s how I’ve been building relational funnels for years. He unpacks how to lead with value before even asking for their email address and he then unpacks the relevant journeys you can take prospects on. This is a value lead approach that allows you to educate, nurture and ultimately sell a service that will be of benefit to them.

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  1. Noah Britton on 26th October 2019 at 5:22 am

    Aces Matt and Lee. I’m a big fan of you both. Lots of gems here especially the Zapier discussion and abandon cart email being definitely a marketing type email. I need to be more careful there. Big love you two!

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