Unpacking value based pricing

Rob Da Costa

What's inside?

Trading time for money may be our comfort zone as an agency owner but it is likely holding us back, trapping us in our business and not even doing your clients any favours either! In this weeks episode we talk with Rob Da Costa who shares the concept of VALUE based pricing and answers standard objections Lee hears in the community about it.

Key takeaways

Don’t charge by hours. Don’t charge that way because it’s just a commodity and people start comparing one person’s hourly rate or day rate to another’s and that’s just not the way to do it.

The values selling idea starts from when you first meet a prospect and the questions you ask them.

What the client cares about is outcomes and impact not how long something takes you.

Sometimes people are a bit scared of asking questions because they are not confident that they can deliver. If you don’t ask those big important questions at the beginning, there’s a really strong chance that you won’t delight the client and you won’t retain them for the long term.

When you broaden the question, it actually opens up a whole load of other opportunities for you.

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