Productive online meetings

Episode 262 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

April 15, 2020

Are you getting burned out on online meetings? Many agencies are seeing their meetings increase as clients and team members seek assurances and companionship. Whilst lockdown may have removed the travel burden, regular and unproductive meetings can continue to have a negative impact on your productivity, motivation and mental health.

Over the last few years, as someone who has found travelling to meetings a mental struggle, I found that meeting through the internet still had its challenges. If you are getting “zoomed out”, then this is the episode for you.

We unpack:

  • Does it need a meeting
    • Can this be sorted on email
    • Have the questions already been answered
    • Can I add value?
  • Who needs to be involved
    • Invite based on meeting content
    • Decision makers involved
  • Set an agenda
  • Establishing a meeting lead
    • Time keeping
    • Taking offline
    • Enforcing hard stop
  • Follow up actions
    • Meeting notes
    • Actions and owners

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