Reset Roadmap

The agency reset roadmap. Step by step workshops, advice and content to help you get back to basics. This will help you understand your idendity, your value, your communications so you can push on to create an agency you can fall in love with again!

  • Sprint One - Back to basics

    It is important that we look at everything in our agency as if we are starting from the beginning again. You are where you are because of a series of decisions and events that have shaped the agency you have today. There will be processes, procedures, beliefs and more that could be holding back your agency, and even doing irreparable damage.

    It is time to go back to basics as if you were starting your agency for the very first time. Knowing what you know now what would you do different? What would your dream agency look like?

    Don’t worry we’ll hold your hand through the process of going back to basics.

  • Sprint Two - Your agency structure

    You have likely grown your agency in the way you think you should, modelled on others. It is important to take a look at your structure and really unpack your decisions. From everything from the location you are in, through to the members on your team.

    Part of your success will stem from positive changes in past decisions you have made. This may be a difficult process so be sure to use the community for moral support.

  • Sprint Three - Your products/services

    Unpacking in more detail what products and services an agency should be selling and how to pick which ones to focus on.

    We also review your ability to deliver these with you current agency structure and costs, as well as focus on the age old important question.... will it scale?

  • Sprint Four - Your clients

    Your company vision will help you create a very clear target client you want to attract and work with. We share how we manage client relationships and review them.

  • Next Steps

    Now that you are equip, it is time to jump onto some of the many workshops that will help you with practical application of your new agency plans. This community is about accountability and taking action.