Setting goals and how to achieve them

Episode 297 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

December 16, 2020

Setting goals and how to achieve them

Another new year is on the horizon, so let’s look at how we set goals for our business that are achievable and satisfying. As creatives we are very driven yet so often feel we’ve not met our true potential. This internal struggle erodes the joy we have in our achievements and leaves us feeling like we need to do more.

We will learn to set goals that really mean something to you. These goals will have clear outcomes and steps to achieving them. They will be based on what is good for you, your family and your business rather than the many external competing factors.

If 2020 has thrown you a curveball and you really want to make 2021 count, join me as I share how I set goals and achieve them.

After years of disappointments I developed the following framework for recording, evaluating, choosing and planning my goals.

  • Write out a list of what you want to achieve
  • For each one write down why and what the outcome will be
  • List these out in order of importance to you
  • Select the most important and break it down
  • Plan small achievable actions with realistic milestones
  • Choose as many others as feel manageable and repeat the process

Word of caution

  • You need to want it
  • You need to accept it will take time
  • You need to be able to measure outcomes

Finally, failure is an option. The amount of failed projects I have under my belt that have taught me lessons or lead to unimagined opportunities are invaluable. Much better than sitting on my butt complaining about how hard things are.

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