Signs you should slow down (And how)

Episode 278 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

August 5, 2020

Signs you should slow down (And how)

I have burned out multiple times running my agencies. Why? Because I ignored the signs and kept pushing forward. I put deadlines, clients and my own pride before my health and mental well-being.

Over the years I’ve noticed the following signs:

  • Extending my working hours
  • Poor sleep
  • Involuntary twitching
  • Poor mental health
  • De motivated
  • Feeling of being trapped

Whenever I see these patterns I engage in some of all of the following to help me slow down:

  • Admit it to myself, partners and family
  • Review my task list
  • Offload work to others
  • Fire problem clients
  • Take a long weekend/book a holiday
  • Make a hard stop

If you are struggling with your mental health, be sure to check out Big Orange Heart.

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