You probably need a business coach

Episode 234 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

October 2, 2019

Running your business alone is a hard slog. I know because I’ve done it. Even if you have business partners or a team, you are still IN your business day to day with all of the internal and external influences that might be affecting decisions, productivity and success.

In this week’s episode I explain the coaching relationship and how it can benefit you and your business.

We cover:

  • Coaching relationship
  • The invisible third member of the relationship
  • Commitments within the relationship
  • The difference between a mentor and a coach
  • How you can find a coach

My business coach is Paul Green of the Coaching Circle, who I highly recommend, and who taught me the core principles of a coaching relationship. I have known Paul and been a part of his networking group for over 6 years. He’s a local legend.

My mentor is Chris Ducker who has lead the way and influenced so many decisions in my business.

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