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What's inside?

We are creating a community that is "no bull", straight to the point, easy to consume and equips you to take action.

You will find the following...

Start your journey here as you chart a new track with your agency.

A range of workshops for you to pick and choose what you need.

Community forum for friendship, accountability and fun.

Our monthly masterminds lead by Lee and Larissa.

Added Extras

Coaching calls

Opportunities to have a recorded coaching call with Lee Jackson which will become a podcast on the Agency Trailblazer Podcast.

Early Access

As we batch a lot of our content, some of it is too good not to share early. We will share it with you first! Yearly subscribers only.

Discount on events

We will be launching live events, both online and in locations around the world. Agency Trailblazers get guaranteed discounts.

The Tour

Agency Reset Track

Your design or web agency has been shaped by decisions you and your team have made, by the clients you have on-boarded and of course by external events, some likely out of your control.

Today when you look at your agency you may no longer feel that excitement, passion, pride or love. If this describes you right now, then you need to start your journey down our "Agency Reset Track".

Lee Working

The Roadmap

We will be publishing each stage of the roadmap through the first half of 2018.

  • Sprint 1 - Back to basics

    We help you take a renewed look at your agency, as we unpack together why you do what you do, what problems you solve and create a defined vision for your business.

  • Sprint 2 - Agency Structure

    We help you evaluate the agency you have right now. What can be changed. No stone is unturned as we explore everything from your team, contractors, physical location, costs and more.

  • Sprint 3 - Products/Services

    What services or products do you sell that are actually costing you time, money or agency? With your renewed vision, we evaluate your products and services. Which ones help you achieve your goals and offer the profit you need to be a stable business? 

  • Sprint 4 - Clients/Suppliers

    Your company vision will help you create a very clear target client you want to attract and work with. We help you create your avatar as well as review your current clients. We also help you review all your existing suppliers, do they help you with your vision, and reflect/represent the direction you are headed?

  • Sprint 5 - Branding/Messaging

    Your why and your mission will completely change how you talk about your business and how you engage with your existing and potential clients. We help you review your brand, and how you communicate who you are, and what problems you are solving.

  • Next steps

    Now that you are equip, it is time to jump onto some of the many workshops that will help you with practical application of your new agency plans. This community is about accountability and taking action.



Workshops from Lee and experts around the world giving practical actionable advice. We don't believe in "magical X step systems"... We believe in straight, to the point, no BS workshops that are easy to consume. No more than 20 - 30 mins long.

Our content plan includes business advice, social media strategy, lead generation, content creation, podcasting, mental health, physical health, work/life balance and more.

Upcoming Workshop Contributors

Here are just some of the AWESOME community influencers who will be contributing workshops and content over the next 12 months...

The Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

Video and social expert

The Patch

Jeffery Patch

Maintenance expert

Dave Foy

Dave Foy

WordPress Trainer

Paul Lacey

Paul Lacey

Agency strategist

Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal

Marketing legend

Walt Spence

Walt Spence

Expert developer

And many more....

*Please note that 2018 contributors may be subject to change. Information correct as of creating of this page.

The Community

The community is about friendship, support, accountability, brainstorming, masterminding and so much more.

Even in a busy agency, it can often feel lonely when the buck stops with you, having a community of like minded folks is a lifeline.


Sections of the community include:

  • Progress Reports

    Having clear goals and a plan to get there are important. Open up your own topic to start tracking your progress.

  • Workshop Discussion

    Head on over here if there is anything about the Agency Reset you want to get chatting about with the community.

  • Brainstorming

    Sometimes you need more than just one brain to solve a problem. Share your thoughts here.

  • Strategy & Marketing

    Drop in and start discussing marketing, strategy, product creation and much more!

  • Ask For Feedback

    Created something you are proud of? Let others members of the community check it out and give you feedback!

  • And much more

    This is a community that is built up by it's members. There is no limit to where this can go!

Preview Community

We know how to do community

For over 2 years we've grown an awesome community of agency owners, freelancers and developers focused around WordPress. It is a Facebook group called the WP Innovator group and you are welcome to go and join for free, enjoy the banter, the GIFs, the support and making new friends.

Here is some recent feedback from the folks in the WP Innovator community:

"I love how easily approachable and helpful everyone is. There's NO intimidation factor. Great place to connect with like-minded weirdos, I mean professionals, without judgment or ridicule." - Jeffery Patch

"A community where you're greeted by folks who genuinely want to help each other and see every other member succeed. It's a place where seasoned vets and rookies all fill a role and work together to get better." - Kyle Van Deusen

"Boost of confidence and total feeling at home. Such a friendly community of smart people." - Paul Lacey

"Giving and receiving of advice (in hopefully something like equal measure) with people who actually understand what I'm talking about, as many of my family and friends (especially my wife) have no clue what I actually do!" - Rob Watson

Monthly Masterminds

Join the monthly mastermind call with Lee Jackson. This will be an opportunity to submit your questions, and come onto the webinar on a live call with Lee. We will also have regular guest experts joining us to add more of that all important grey matter.

All past masterminds are recorded and will be available as replays, so even if you can't make the live gig, when we cover your question, you can replay it later.

Lee Mastermind Selfie

The Agenda

  • Community update

    What is happening in the community? Latest workshops and content available. Forum conversations to check out.

  • Mini Workshop

    Lee or one of our influencers will cover the latest hot topic that is being talked about in the community.

  • Questions & Answers

    Lee will answer a range of questions submitted before and during the mastermind. 

  • Wrap Up

    The call wraps up with a summary as well as reminders of up coming events and other happenings within the community.


* Lee and Jeffery Patch. Not posed.... honest! 😉

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You are free to cancel at any time. Your access will remain until the end of your paid for term upon which your access will expire.

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We would ask you to choose your commitment to the community. We will evaluate on a case per case basis a switch to yearly for the first 3 months. The months paid will not go toward the yearly rate.

What is the refund policy?

If the Agency Trailblazer community is not for you, then we provide a 15 day money back guarantee from day of first registering.

We respectfully ask that you clearly explain how we failed to meet your needs in return for the refund. This will help us make the community better for everybody.

We do not issue monthly refunds post 15 days. Please use the cancel option should you no longer wish to be a member. Your access will be available until that term expires.

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Yes, however if you enter in your VAT number during registration, the VAT will be removed from your order.