Finding the right privacy policy

Episode 217 - Featuring Hans & Donata

June 5, 2019

Finding the right privacy policy

Usually at the very last moment in a project your client suddenly says: “What about the privacy policy”. If you recognise that and can relate to the stress of getting your client to provide legal documentation, or you are left trying to put one together, then this episode is for you.

Hans and Donata share with us the different options we have to help our clients comply. They unpack:

  • Where to get policies for your business for free
  • How to handle policies with your clients
  • When you can use a template or generator
  • When you should get a lawyer involved
  • GDPR compliance tips
  • And more

To find out more about Termageddon – click here.

About Donata:

Donata is the President of Termageddon and the engineer behind the policy questions and text. She is a licensed attorney and a certified information privacy professional. She often volunteers at the Illinois State Bar Association holding courses on the General Data Protection Regulation where she teaches other attorneys on the importance of privacy and what Privacy Policies should contain. In her free time, Donata enjoys bee keeping, hunting for morel mushrooms and walks with her husband and two dogs.

About Hans:

Hans is the Vice President of Termageddon, overseeing sales & marketing.  Hans ran a web design agency, BuildThis.com, in downtown Chicago for 7 years, and sold it in March of 2019 to focus all of his attention on Termageddon.  In his free time, he enjoys bee keeping, hunting for morel mushrooms and walks with his wife and two dogs… yes we are married!

Connect with Hans:

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Connect with Donata:

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