Getting the most from an online event

Episode 285 - Featuring Jan Koch

September 23, 2020

Getting the most from an online event

With so many online events popping up, we have so much choice. How do we select the right events to attend and how do we ensure we get the most from them? Jan has been arranging online summits for many years and shares practical advice for getting the most out of attending an online event. He also deep dives into his own processes for planning an online summit.
Key takeaways include:

  • Attending
    • Be clear on what you want to achieve
    • Review the speakers and content and select accordingly
    • Consider networking with others at the event
  • Organising
    • Understand your target audience
    • Focus on core areas your audience will want answers for
    • Do your due diligence on speakers to ensure high quality
    • Focus on providing value
    • Give the opportunity for online networking and community building

Check out Jan’s upcoming summit: https://wpagencysummit.com/

Connect with Jan on twitter – @iamjankoch


Episode #6 – Becoming More Than Average – Jan Koch

Page Builder summit: https://summit.camp/

WP Mastery: https://www.facebook.com/wp.mastery

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