How to be productive during lockdown

Episode 293 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

November 18, 2020

How to be productive during lockdown

For those folks used to the office environment, life has been turned upside down. No take out coffee, no chatting at the water cooler, no podcast on the commute and no cheesy banter being thrown across the room. Seeing the virtual head and shoulders of those you’ve grown close to over the years is not the same as being together.

Here in the UK we are going through our second nationwide lockdown. I’ll be honest with you… I am finding this one really difficult. I miss my team and getting work done is often more of a challenge. Over the years of managing my mental health, I’ve leant heavily on some tried and true practices to keep productive despite these trying times.

Here are the core practices we engage with to ensure a happy, healthy and productive team:

  • Develop a morning routine
  • Establish daily catchups
  • Set up a group chat
  • Encourage virtual office hours
  • Set working hours
  • Communicate the weekly goals
  • Daily reports / accountability

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