How to filter potential clients

Episode 277 - Featuring Cathy Wassell

July 29, 2020

How to filter potential clients

When a new lead comes into your agency it is important to ensure the client has everything in place they need for you to be able to help them. Not every client will be a right fit and it’s better to discover this before a project kicks off than when it is too late. Cathy Wassell joins us to share her process for filtering through potential clients.

This is a fun and laid back interview with some fantastic examples of questions you should be asking and preprations you should be making.

We then shift the conversation to the projects that Cathy runs to help support teenagers with anxiety and autism a subject very close to my heart.

Connect with Cathy

Socially Contented – Click here

Teen Calm – Click here

Autistic Girls Network – Click here

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