Episode 256 - How to hire a virtual assistant

Lee Jackson

What's inside?

There comes a point in your agency when enough is enough. You cannot do everything and you realise you need outside help from a freelancer or virtual assistant. The thing is, you’ve heard horror stories from other agency owners and your last freelance experience was a nightmare.

How do you find, select and onboard the right contractor for your agency? If you are struggling, this episode is for you.

  • Review
    • Where are the bottlenecks
    • What could be easily documented
    • What are you doing that you shouldn’t be
  • Plan
    • Write down key duties
    • Note skills you are looking for
    • Write a job description
    • Be realistic
  • Post
    • Post the position(s)
    • Give it time
    • Shortlist applicants
    • Interview
    • Provide a small easy task
  • Enrol
    • Start small
    • Provide documentation
    • Spend time with them
    • Build up their confidence
  • Lessons I have learned
    • Expect the first few days to be messy
    • Be patient before you rush to fire
    • Take responsibility
    • Replace if no improvement


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