15 - Generate More Demand

Featuring Lawrence Howlett

We have a fantastic episode here for you with Lawrence Howlett from New Edge Media and from More Demand, an amazing Web Agency involved with some biiiig players. He shares fascinating insights into running an agency, and also opens up some fantastic strategy you can apply to your business today! Action You Can Apply Today: Create before you consume. Create what…


14 - An Insight Into Content Marketing

Featuring Sarah Moore

As design and web agencies, we are so often so busy on producing for others, that we neglect our own ongoing marketing. This can lead to a feast and famine culture within an agency. It’s really important that we develop ongoing strategies for lead generation, and keeping that pipeline looking healthy. Let’s connect: We have…


13 - Marketing A Web Agency

Featuring Clay Mosley

We have a fantastic episode here for you with Clay Mosley from Rock City Digital, an amazing Web Design company, He is also the man behind claymosley.com and the 100k academy. He shares fascinating insights into how he got started, and how he has marketed his web agency. Message from our sponsor: Before we crack on,…


12 - Social Media In Our Agency

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

Sit back and relax with Lee as he shares the story of how he and the team changed direction with their social media strategy. A fascinating insight into the thought process, actions and activities of the team within a digital agency. Hear Lee lay out all the problems faced, and the solutions that were put…


11 - Running A WordPress Theme Business

Featuring Ionut Neagu

We have a fantastic episode here for you with Ionut Neagu from Theme Isle, an online WordPress theme club. He shares fascinating insights into how he got started, and how he has marketed his business. Action You Can Apply Today: Don’t be afraid to invest. Some examples shared where when Ionut invested in a pre-made…


10 - The Best Ideas Stick

Featuring Russ Perry

We have an amazing episode with you with Russ Perry. He has launched a business that comes at design in a whole different way. Russ is also a WordPress geek and has some great tools to share. Action You Can Apply Today: Create environments where you are not distracted. Example a coffee shop, in the…


9 - Build Stuff People Care About

Featuring Mat Newton

Today we interview Mat Newton from the Web Agency Podcast and Tourism Tiger. We discover behind the scenes of his Niche website business focused on the tourism industry where he has productised websites using WordPress multisite. Mat has many amazing stories both of his business and of his travels, there is so much we can…


8 - Epic Social Media Strategy

Featuring Sarah Moore

Join Lee and Sarah as she drops value galore sharing social media strategy and advice. Show Notes: Having reviewed analytics, there appeared to be little to no traffic on the transcription pages, so we have placed a hold on these for now. If however you feel they enhance your experience with the podcast, please let…


7 - Valuing Time To Make Better Decisions

Featuring Jon Perez

We were honoured to have Jon Perez from Sure Fire Web Services on the podcast today. He was introduced to us by Kim Doyal the WP Chick, and we had a blast. Join Lee and Jon as they giggle through a 40 minute podcast, whilst value bombs drop left right and centre! SociPress Help us…


6 - Becoming More Than Average

Featuring Jan Koch

Join Lee (full of man-flu so bear with him) as he talks with the one and only Jan Koch of WP Summit fame! Jan is the founder of the WP Summit, an epic online conference that was packed with amazing speakers. He also runs a web development business, and is a coach for entrepreneurs helping them…



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